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God Of War


So far, the God of War series has largely followed the standards of the original 2005 game. More than a decade (and many games) later, it makes sense that Sony wants to confuse things for the aging hack series. end of the slope. Like many popular franchises who have rediscovered themselves in recent years, the new God of War has sunk into the wells of the open-world RPG tropical. He also focused on Norse mythology and abandoned the gods and legends of the Greek symbols that were the basis of the previous game.

This great change does not signify the end of God of War as we know it, but it is possible to express DNA from the series in a new way. There are many reasons why structural change is a good thing, but what happened to Kratos, the amazing machine of death, left a lasting impression. Wild and bloodthirsty icons have become a sensitive father figure. Some of them maintain the tendency of old violence that made him a star for a long time. However, we also see that Kratos, with his son Atreus who provided protection and guidance, took a deep breath and buried his wild instincts to set a positive example.

Watching Kratos caring for your child will make you a little anxious at first, but thanks to natural writing, voice actors, and flawless animation, it's easy to get involved in the duo's journey and grow together involved. Even though Kratos was a teacher, there was a mountain of sadness and pity in him that could only be surpassed by the innocence of his son. And Atreus experienced ups and downs that might have taken a different path, if not for Kratos' leadership.

The atrium has been educated separately from the dangers of the wild world around it, and indeed it should not be able to understand its place in it when dealing with the reality of the earth, which is protected and surrounded by the gods. The death of his mother before the beginning of the drama pushed out Atreus and Kratos; His dying wish is to spread his ashes to the highest peak on Earth. As if wild beasts and threatening friends are not enough obstacles, representatives from the ranks of Norse mythology appear to disrupt their missions and create the tough missions and clashes of the powerful forces you expect from the god of war.

And like its predecessor, God of War is an artistic and artistic work. No doubt it is one of the most handsome console games ever released. Every enchanting environment and every mythical hero shows extraordinary attention to detail and develops rapidly. The vision behind it is demonstrated in carefully maintained physics and weather equipment, convincing atmospheric effects that make the rural environment a dream, and in the conception and structure of the world as a whole.

Most of the trips were in the Midgard Kingdom. At its core is a vast lake that you can explore with canoes, with beaches filled with optional puzzles, formidable enemies, and access to the main area of ​​the map. Your mission will take you to most of these places and on your way you will probably find an inaccessible path and seal the treasure. There is always plenty of room to explore the main road and a good reason to spoil your own curiosity. However, this inconvenience mainly encourages you to search through previously visited areas as your choices develop.

The boy who fights for you, shoots arrows, or incites unsuspecting enemies, will unite against corrupt cave trolls, face powerful beasts, and fight against hundreds of intelligent supernatural warriors on their journey. Kratos today prefers axes that work differently from the Chaos Blades that he knows. It comes with a very satisfying and cool ability to miraculously bring your weapons (like Thor and a hammer) into your hands, a movement that never gets old.

And indeed not a battle as a whole. The new camera over your shoulder takes you directly to battle and thus limits your view. They cannot see the enemy from all angles at the same time and must be vigilant at all times. By default, this game offers a proximity icon to remind you of incoming attacks. However, it's worth connecting to the UI for a more complete experience, if you know what the battle is like.

It's rarely the case that you can send spam combos without endangering yourself, and this focus on attention reinforces the end of God of War against traditional horror attacks. The reality of fighting with an ax also makes the damage bar a deep process. But if the variables match and you can focus on the enemy, Kratos can attack with his hard work and you can bend your strength with a little force.

The basic set of melee combinations and weapon behavior can be expanded by entering experience points into the ability tree and activating magic runes associated with your two attack inputs. There are many choices of thought and tactics, including the ability tree to fight barehanded. There is an extraordinary rhythm that can be found when moving from an ax to a fist and then in Kratos's brutal satisfying execution while being destroyed and protected from danger.

The battle of God of War was great at first, but it got better by introducing new levels one by one. You really can face a very punishing opponent who will become easier with the time and mastery of all available skills. However, you can also succeed at all levels as long as you master the art of parry and avoid incoming attacks.

Atreus cannot be configured as far as Kratos can, but there are still many ways to adjust your abilities. The arrows he shoots can be paired with various types of magic, with many functional and functional enhancements, and he finally gets the ability to summon spectral animals that can damage and disperse enemies or collect items. In fact, with a smart keyboard layout, attacking and defending Kratos while commanding Atreus is very easy. God of War gives you many things to do at any time, and you feel like a soldier experienced in this process.

The armor worn by Kratos and Atreus can affect various character stats and elemental affinities, as well as charm slots which add additional bonuses. Armor can be bought or made with a few resources distributed throughout the world and can be enhanced by two game forgers: The two dwarf brothers are always at odds. There was Brock, a blue dwarf with an unpleasant snout, and Sindri, a much gentler but tragic anti-germic man - a bluster that was usually funny, if sometimes too tight.

As good as both, Mimir stole the attention. The one-edged path accompanies you and Atreus in most games, serving Midgard as a guide and as an internal source for Norwegian political secrets and norms. Mimir and the blacksmith have strong individual personalities, just like the other characters you meet during the game. We keep other identities entirely unclear to avoid spoilage, but no matter who you meet, the God of War players are strong, compelling, and strangely alluring. However, the real achievement is even though there are only a handful of characters whose personalities shape your adventure with heinous anecdotes that will take you to the world and conquer the earth with a sense of real history.

If there is a part of the whole mission that feels like a failure, this is the final battle against the main enemy. From a narrative point of view, it's good to uncover it in a way that changes perspective, but the fight itself makes you want. There are lots of battles for big bosses and skill tests during the game, but this game doesn't reach the same height and feels as if it's played with a little safety. This could be the effect of configuring Kratos and Atreus, or it might be too easy to get started. Luckily, this is not a whole arm game.

Considering the final, two optional areas seem to be specially designed. The first, Muspelheim, features a series of arena battles surrounded by lava flows and scorched earth. Some trials are only battles against strong enemies, while others require you to defeat the waves in rapid succession. If even one enemy remains alive, it only takes a few seconds for the other to continue automatically. Another kingdom, Niflheim, was randomly generated each visit but was always filled with poison gas. The aim is to survive as long as possible while killing and collecting treasure and escape before the poison takes control. Both places offer intense and beneficial activities that are only available if you play in the best way.

And there is a chance you will be very excited about the history and process of the event that after the transfer of credit, there are many other activities left in Midgard. God of War does not play in a large open world but is full of secrets and quests. While most games with long and varied search options tend to stagnate to the end, God of War has the opposite effect. This is much longer than it should be, even though you hope you will never do something.

In many ways, the god of war is always a tie. This is a spectacular action game with epic standards, a big production budget and a powerful hit that becomes more interesting and impressive as time goes on. What may surprise you is the maturity of the story. Like Kratos, God of War reminds the past and recognizes the need for improvement. Everything new is for the better and everything that benefits from it. Kratos is no longer rude. God of War is no longer an ancient action series. With this restart, he is confident in finding a new path that is expected to lead to more exciting adventures.

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