About Us

About Us

We are a group of Gamers or to say, Game lovers. We often do live stream in playing and trying out the new games launched. With the passion in playing all kind of online games, we came out with an idea of introducing the game we find interesting to the public.

At Free Games Guide, we provide you the insights to the latest popular games in the market. We aim to give players some helpful tools and guidance to kick off their journey in these games.

At Free Games Guide, we focus on introducing free PC platform games with in-game purchase. You can also find some strategic mobile app games introduction from here too. Although we do not spend much money on these games, however, the guides and overviews provided should be helpful enough for beginners, either you are a free-to play player or big spenders.

Check us out on what so special about the games and what are some tips to play.

Want to be part of us?

We hope you find our website benefit enough to support your game play. If you have the same passion as us, welcome to join us! We would like to extend our team, covering more individual games and go more in depth to each games by study of different strategies.

If you would like to contribute to the gamer community and you have your own expertise and preferences over difference games, there are few ways which this can be done.

Let’s contribute

First of all, do you find our website informative enough? Or are there any missing information that you are looking at? If you have any suggestions in how can we do better, please write down your opinions and comments. Let us know how we can improve on the guides!

If it happened that you are an expert in some field of the games we introduced here, feel free to share us your opinion and strategies! Gathering opinions and feedback from the crowd is what we belief to be the most neutral reviews ever.

Send us your feedback about our website - FreeGamesGuide.org through our “Contact Us” page! We appreciate your contributions. Thank you.

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